Residency Complex - Santorini

Residency Complex - Santorini Island

PRICE: 11.000.000€

REF no: 2906-S

A great residency complex with stunning views to Caldera, offering several possibilities to be exploited. The location of the Complex is in the area of Ftelakia, only 9km from the airport and 1km from the settlement of Akrotiri.

The size of the plot is a total of 9,8 acres and the building complex itself has a total surface of 998.85sq.m. It is composed of two separate buildings, 347.47sq.m. each, consisting of 3 residencies respectively, and one cave building of 303.91sq.m. that includes 5 studios.

The construction phase is over 50% of the building schedule. It is intentionally not completed yet in order to give the new owner the flexibility to give his/her own personal aesthetics.

This project can also be completed through subsidised investment tourism programs and the final look of the complex after its completion will be as shown on the perspective drawings.

40000 m2
998.85 m2
 Stunning view
 Swimming pool