Meganisi, GREECE


Meganisi is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the Ionian Sea.

It covers a total surface 20 and is located just 4 nautical miles southeast of Lefkada and 1,5 nautical miles from Skorpios island.

Meganisi has three villages: Vathy, Katomeri and Spartochori and three main ports: Vathy, Spilia and Atherinos. There are three marinas and many natural harbors and gulfs, as well as many bays, shaping fine fiords, where big yachts are sheltered.

The island welcomes many VIP visitors every year and provides an excellent sea tourism development and upscale accommodation services.

In Meganisi you can enjoy a unique landscape, fresh sea breeze and the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.