Karpathos, GREECE


Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese with exceptional natural beauty, high mountains and wonderful seas.

The island has been known since the ancient times as a place where Greek heroes and kings such as Proteus and Prometheus were born and lived. In Byzantine and modern times, the island’s port has always been a very important trading spot that connected Greece with the East, offering wealth to the community.

Karpathos is a historical place and has important museums such as the famous Archaeological Museum of Karpathos, monuments and beautiful Byzantine temples.

Τhe island is famous for its natural environment, for its high mountains with the amazing sea view, the lushed paths and most of all for the unique beaches with crystal clear waters and their exceptional landscape. Some of them are Achata beach surrounded by huge high rocks, Agios Nikolaos and Diakoftis beach with the wonderful golden tropical sand and Apella beach which has been promoted by many famous international magazines.

Visitors are worth taking a day trip to the island of Saria, at the northside, which has an impressive sea and to the famous area of ​​Karpathos Natura with its unique natural landscape.

Karpathos has kept alive its local customs, performed in all famous traditional villages such as Pigadia, Diafani, Aperi, ‘Elympos, Othos and Menetes where they offer traditional food and products. Visitors will get to know the calm and natural way of life but also the traditional type of entertainment with live music, dances and traditional costumes.

How to get there:

By ferry boat from the port of Piraeus, about 17-20 hours.

Νearest airport : Karpathos Municipal Airport