Ithaca, GREECE


Ithaca, the island of the mythical Odysseus, is a beautiful destination in the Ionian Sea, an island of lush and beautiful beaches.

The capital of Ithaca is Vathi, which has been built on a small island but there are also other important settlements such as Aetos, Anogi, Stavros, Kioni etc. with rich ancient history and special architecture.

The island offers remarkable archeological sites and museums such as the Archaeological Museum of Vathios, the ancient city of Alalkomenon, the Archaeological site of Agios Athanasios or Homer School, as well as green landscapes of rare natural beauty such as Loizou Cave, the Lazareto and Palaiohora.

Every year many yachts visit the coastal villages, the natural ports of the island but also the wonderful beaches, which are famous for the crystal-clear waters and the dense vegetation, which reaches the waves! Most of them are not organized and can accessible by car or on foot, but also by boat from Vathi.

Some of them are the cosmopolitan beach in Filatro, Marmakas beach overlooking the island of Agios Nikolaos, Aspros Gialos beach where the famous lilies of the sea bloom, Platia Ammos, Sarakiniko and Kaminia with their wonderful pure nature and transparent waters.

Ithaca is a small island but offers several touristic amenities and a good road network that covers almost all its areas. Everywhere guests can try the famous traditional cuisine, explore the nature trails and experience the hiking in picturesque mountain villages.