Beautiful Hotel - Patmos

Beautiful Hotel - Patmos Island

PRICE: 1.200.000€

REF no: 8153-S

A beautiful hotel in Grikos, a seaside village in the southeastern part of Patmos.

This hotel has 1.016 sq.m. of interior space plus 560 sq.m. of secondary interior space (total 1.577 sq.m.) and has been built in multiple levels on a 1.910 sq.m. plot. It is located within 2 minutes’ walk from the beach.

The area of 1.016 sq.m. consists of 24 en-suite rooms, a house serving as the owner’s private house, a beautiful, spacious lobby with two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a lovely dining area with access to a big veranda offering stunning direct sea views to Grikos bay. Also, there is lounge room with a veranda towards the sea.

The secondary space of 560 sq.m. consists of storage rooms, laundry rooms and changing rooms.

The property has been operating as a hotel for a long period of time and the layout has been optimized for this use.

This unique hotel is a highly recommended investment in the beautiful island of Patmos.

1910 m2
1577 m2
 Excellent location
 Large veranda
 Sea view
 Stunning view
 Walking distance to the beach