It can no longer be underrated. An attractive alternative to the mainstay city of Athens and the illustrious getaways of the Greek islands, this peninsula of southern Greece is every bit as mythologically, historically and geographically rich. These days, all eyes are on the treasures, both real estate and cultural, hidden in the magnificent Peloponnese region.

Seeing the big picture

Mountains and rivers, beaches and coastal cliffs, vineyards and olive groves, ruins and historical heritage, charming villages and seaside towns dating back to classic antiquity set the scene for some of today’s most beautiful villas in Greece.

This variety of beautiful landscapes and idyllic living environments is distributed throughout a striking land area of 8,320.3 mi2. Officially, the Peloponnese region is defined as a peninsula, but with island-like features. It’s separated from mainland Greece by the Corinth Canal, made by man in 1893, and connected through the natural Isthmus of Corinth and the artificial Rio-Antirrio bridge. The perfect escape, it comes as no surprise that over years many artists and writers have traveled to this remote region of Greece to find repose and inspiration. After all, the Peloponnese has been a significant setting of popular Homeric myths like the legends of Hercules, Sparta, and Troy. And on a note that’s far easier to fact check, it has been home to Myceanean, Byzantine, Ottoman, Frankish, and Venetian cultures – with the remains still there to prove it. is just as varied. No two properties are alike, as a diverse collection of towns, villages, cities, and municipalities offer unique secondary residences: traditional houses among pines and fruit trees, plots of land facing the sea, even a refined riverfront house with a large garden and palm trees, to name a few.

A closer look

To get a proper understanding of the big and beautiful Peloponnese region – and properly decide where to buy or rent or dream property in Greece, here are a few regional units you must consider, according to the experts at BARNES Greece.

On the northern tip of the peninsula, Achaia is a regional unit of the West Greece administrative region where you will encounter the coastal capital city of Patras, some of the region’s most popular beaches along the Corinthian Gulf, not to mention high-end seafront properties for sale.

To the south, Messinia and Kalamata, its lively capital city full of cultural happenings, are flatlands bordered by the Arcadian mountains and the Ionian Sea. Its rugged terrain provides an otherworldly setting for the newly developed luxury properties such as the exceptional Navarino Residences at the five-star Navarino Dunes resort.

In the center of the peninsula, there is the regional unit of Ellis, home to Olympia where, as you know, the first Olympic Games were hosted in 776 BC. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a must-visit, astonishing visitors with its museum and ancient gymnasium and temples.

In the wild heart of the Peloponnese, Mani welcomes those with the soul of an adventure to explore its rustic terrain. A paradise for hikers, it’s full of beaten trails (some less so), mysterious coves, and vacated stone towers outside of tiny villages. The property market here specializes in beautiful plots with breathtaking panoramas of the dramatic landscape.

The regional unit of Corinthia, situated on the peninsula’s western coast, is mountainous and covered in vibrant forests. For those who enjoy a bit of greenery by the sea, a beautiful house at the foot of the Oligyrtos mountains or a neoclassical-style residence in a seaside village may be just what you’re looking for. A bit more to the center in Arcadia (yes, home of the Arcadians, one of the oldest groups of people in the Peloponnese) offers an idyllic setting, watched over by major mountains such as Mainalo and Parnonas, for picturesque residential complexes like The Menalia.

Whatever your heart desires, you can find it. Trust BARNES Greece with your heart and your search for the perfect property in the Peloponnese.