Anthologized for young children, analyzed by aged scholars, reimagined by the world of cinema, and frequently discussed over dinner, the myths of Ancient Greece have been heard around the world. But the mythical region of Attica is more than just than just the setting of illustrious tales, it’s a real place where real people want to live.

Attica, or Attika at large, defines the area surrounding the great capital city of Athens and is distinguished by the beauty and tranquility of its natural landscapes, which are comprised of all kinds of terrains: from beautiful green mountains and rocky hills to sandy beaches and the extraordinary waters of the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. What these legendary stories have yet to reveal is that this magnificent region also serves as the background setting of many luxury properties and a high quality of life.

Why live in Greater Athens?

Simply put, to live in Attica is to live in a dream world. Unreal and effortless, the weather is warm and welcoming. Every morning, you’ll wake up on the sunny side courtesy of a bright and shining sun. Days unfold as you wish, relaxed or adventurous, whether you’re taking a dive into history or into the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Living in Attica is a dream for globetrotters and vacationers from around the world who want to experience life on the shores of Greece, around charming coastal villages or in idyllic seaside resorts, and capture beautiful moments in postcard-worthy photos, evidence that paradise does, in fact, exist.

Good news: You won’t have to wake up from this dream, because it’s possible to make it your everyday reality. Buying an exceptional residence with a swimming pool in Greater Athens is an excellent idea, whether it be as an investment property, vacation home, or permanent residence. The real estate market in Greece has shifted in the buyer’s favor, with very attractive prices for an extremely high-quality home near the beaches and sea. The tides are turning and prosperity is on the horizon in Attica.

Where to live in Attica

Mother Nature, or rather the goddess Gaia, has spared no effort in creating this dazzling region. Not too far from the bustling urban capital of Athens, you can live in a peaceful haven where myth, human history, and nature have managed to reach complete harmony.

On the east side of the Attica peninsula, the picturesque seaside village of Saronida hosts beautiful modern villas with multiple floors and huge windows, boasting breathtaking panoramas of the Saronic Gulf and surrounding terrain. Just a few miles northwest, you will encounter the serene seafront town of Anavyssos, sometimes spelled Anavissos. Private and discreet, consider an exceptional property overlooking the sea for total tranquility.

On the greener side, the lush grounds of Porto Rafti is paradise for gardeners and lovers of fresh produce. This town is known for its pine-clad hills, gardens of figs and pistachios, vineyards and regional wineries, and unique luxury homes on large plots filled with olive and exotic fruit trees. Always near the sea, some properties even offer private access to spectacular beaches, such as the popular Erotospilia.

A living relic of the past, Marathonas or Marathon is a significant historical site that’s also a prime residential area. It includes the quiet town of Nea Makri on the Petalioi Gulf, with its relaxing atmospheres, recreational activities, the dreamy Lake Marathonand sublime villas designed by renowned architects.

Attica is a region that was here thousands of years before us and one that will still be here thousands of years after us. But don’t just admire it, slow down time and live in the myth of Greater Athens.