A sublime quality of life, a Mediterranean climate, iconic history and heritage, both urban and rural landscapes, extraordinary real estate and even better prices … to be honest, there are few reasons not to consider buying a house in Attica, Greece.

A peninsula rich in heritage

To know what you want, you must know where you’re going, and you’ll have no trouble finding it because the Attica peninsula is the stuff of legends, its told again and again across the globe. Protruding out into the Aegean Sea, this massive region of Central Greece holds a significant portion of world history and mythology. Attica’s mainland territory covers diverse landscapes, from mountainous to marine to urban, as well as idyllic islands, some parts of the magnificent Peloponnese, and one of the world’s most famous cities, Athens, a capital that looks as much to future as it does the past.

This is why many buyers interested in relocating or investors wanting to expand their property portfolio look to the Mediterranean to place their bet. It’s hard to say when there has been a better time to buy property in Attica. The Greek real estate market is experiencing a boom like never before and reignited interests since its blimp of economic crisis.

Whether you’re in search of a primary or secondary residence in Attica, the offer is as vast as it is rich. The region is made up of a number of micro-markets, spanning from the urbanscape of Athens offering both high-end apartments and single-family houses in prestigious neighborhoods, to lush suburbs harboring palatial mansions for Greek elites, to architectural houses on the shores of the Aegean. With BARNES Greece, finding a corner of paradise that meets all of your requirements and surpasses your expectations is made easy.

Choosing where to buy in Attica

We’ll be straightforward: The choice will be difficult, and it will largely depend on your needs.

For instance, loyal urbanites might be torn between a pied-a-terre in the heart of Athens and an elegant residence in the Kolonaki neighborhood, near the embassies and competitive international schools.

If privacy and discretion is a top priority, then a big house on a spacious plot with a manicured lawn and swimming pool, hidden in the affluent suburbs of Greater Athens, could be the right fit.

Nature lovers, those who cannot live without the color green, will fall in love with the Porto Rafti and its lush gardens, and sweet vineyards. Who could turn down a luxury home in Greece, with access to your own olive groves?

Those who prefer early morning dips will want to live in walking distance from the beach. One of the Greek islands would surely suffice, but also a modern villa with floor-to-ceiling windows in the seaside villa of Saronida or the tranquil town of Anavyssos.

Of course, history buffs can find their place in contemporary Greece. A famous historical site, Marathonas offers a wonderful array of high-end villas designed by architects near Lake Marathon and the sleepy town of Nea Makri on the Petalioi Gulf.

You don’t have to decide alone. Contact BARNES Greece to assist your real estate project in Attica.