A second home on a Greek island isn’t always synonymous with a villa. Perhaps you don’t want to commit to the maintenance of yet another household. Perhaps, for you, the dream has always been to own a quaint pied-à-terre in a faraway land, a real paradise. Whatever your motive, buying an apartment on the island of Mykonos is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself.

Embrace the sea breeze

Out of all the Cyclades, buying an apartment in Mykonos might be the most attractive. Not only because it’s one of the most active and popular islands on the tourist track, but because the Mykonos property market is ripe with beautiful apartments with a sea view, 1 to 3 bedrooms, sunny balconies and shaded verandas, located in the heart of the Chora, the island’s enchanting main town.

After a long day discovering the island’s treasures, it’s a pleasure to find refuge in a space to call your own among typical whitewashed village houses. Safe and secure, these cozy bungalows offer privacy and intimacy, along with the romantic air known to the Greek isles.

Since the nationwide drop in property prices over the last decade, these gems on the Greek market are now very affordable. A mid-6 to low-7 figure budget will grant you a dreamy apartment in Mykonos. No matter what end of the spectrum you fall on, BARNES Greece can help you find a property that fits your every need and high demand: from renovation projects and investment properties to high-end apartments in luxury residences with swimming pools in Mykonos. However, there is one non-negotiable: a view of sublime landscape panorama and the sunset or sunrise on the horizon.

At the heart of the action

To buy an apartment in Mykonos is not only to acquire property in the heart of the Cyclades, on one of its liveliest and in-demand islands but to benefit from its dual-aspect. On one side, the island is picturesque, a symbol of tranquility and natural beauty. On the other, Mykonos overflows with life, celebration, art, history, and culture.

Just at the doorsteps of an apartment in the Chora, you are invited to get lost in the charm of its alleys and find boutiques that stock world-class brands, local shops that sell regional products, as well as bars and restaurants that serve fresh Greek fare, especially in the very photogenic town of Little Venice and Matogianni, where it’s not unusual to see celebrities strolling about.

The party scene in Mykonos is legendary, with its beach clubs and idyllic beaches, many of which rival the most beautiful throughout Greece. The Islands of the Winds, as it’s known, attracts many surfers to its ideal conditions for catching the best waves. Its central position has made it a superb starting point for luxurious yacht excursions around the Aegean, to the pleasure of very high-profile holidaymakers.

In terms of investment profitability, you’ve also come to the right place. Rental yield (an annual approximation of 8%) is as high as its demand, which is substantial. Even more, the island of Mykonos is well connected to the outside world. Mykonos International Airport services flights from major European cities around the world, as well as a 45-minute voyage from Athens International Airport.

When vacation time comes around, take pleasure in the fact that you can relax by day, party night, and return home to an exceptional apartment in Mykonos.