Let’s begin with a quick questionnaire:

  • Has it always been a dream of yours to live in Greece?
  • Do you prefer peace and quiet to the clutter of a capital city like Athens?
  • What about the mythical Greek Isles, would you dare put a sea between you and the mainland?

Here’s our prescription: Buying a house in the northern suburbs of Athens is a safe bet. Head to the lush mountainous region on the northern end of the Attica peninsula. Keep going until you reach a tranquil residential area full of prime real estate opportunities. You’ll know it when you see it.

The affluent suburbs of Kifissia, Ekali, Penteli, and Psychiko offer luxury properties for sale to the pleasure of the most influential families in Greece, and now you and yours.

Live in total tranquility

To live in an Athenian suburb is to have total access to the city, with zero of the traffic, noise, and general inconveniences that often come along with it. While prioritizing safety and security, it’s also the place to live hidden, discreetly behind high mountains in a haven of greenery.

In the northern suburbs of Athens, you will find no shortage of space and square footage. Likewise, the selection of real estate is vast: huge mansions with gardens in the middle of beautifully landscaped lawns; multi-story houses with a large number of bedrooms, verandas, and terraces overlooking the surrounding treetops; villas with swimming pools on gated plots; and even cozy apartments are for sale. Their architecture and build vary, from the traditional Mediterranean to the latest contemporary styles. As if all this wasn’t good enough, real estate prices are more than reasonable for the high quality of life and peace of mind that residents receive.

But the question still stands: “Where can I find these real estate treasures?”

The de facto center-point of the northern suburbs, Kifissia, has all the givings of a popular city-center: shopping center, luxury boutiques, gastronomic restaurants, and a happening nightlife. As one of the city’s richest districts, the real estate market in Kifissia is known for catering to an extremely demanding clientele, therefore all of its properties meet a very high standard of quality and execution.

The nearby suburb of Penteli, situated on the slopes of the limestone Penteli Mountain, benefits from a position in the heart of nature. It hides many luxury residences for sale, of course, with incredible views of the surrounding landscape.

On the western end of the mountains is Ekali, one of the most privileged neighborhoods a Greek can live in, especially when your neighbors are among the most powerful families in the shipping and business industries.

Speaking of family, many foreign ambassadors, who travel from abroad to work in this great Greek city, move their entire clan to the suburb of Psychiko, for its proximity to the city center, large parks, wide open spaces, and excellent private schools.

When making your decision, don’t bother to factor in any potential for boredom. The suburbs of Athens are well-connected! Head to the city to enjoy all its animation and historical and cultural activities; take a day trip with the entire family to discover the slopes of a nearby ski center; or relax in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by fresh air and the purity of a natural environment.

It’s simple. To make a home in the northern suburbs of Athens, buy a home in Kifissia, Ekali, Penteli, or Psychiko.