In the country where the Olympic Games originated, the capital city of Athens takes the gold medal as the top destination to buy an apartment in Greece.

The real estate market in Athens

Investing in real estate in Athens is a very smart choice. Why? Not only do its high-end residential properties benefit from luxurious renovations and generous vantage points. Not just because its real estate prices are more than reasonable, but because deciding to buy an apartment in Central Athens is like not having to decide at all.

An exceptional apartment or luxury penthouse with 2 to 3 bedrooms and a spectacular view of monuments – like the Pantheon, the Acropolis, or even Mount Lycabettus – offers you the entire city. With a maze of charming streets below, the options of things to do and places to discover are endless.

Live in Central Athens

Of course, there is the question of location. Central Athens, in the heart of all the action, is the most highly sought-after residential regions, and for good reason. An urban landscape surrounded by towering mountains, dotted with green hills like islands in a cement city, the sensation is otherworldly.

We recommend you consider buying an apartment in Kolonaki, a neighborhood that specializes in the crème de la crème of Greece. There you will find the sophisticated ambiance of luxury shops and neoclassical architecture, vendors of fine products and international embassies. Amongst it all is a selection of elegant properties for sale in Athens.

Another area to consider for buying property in Athens is Anaktora, one of the most expensive and safest neighborhoods in the city. The locale itself is well worth the pretty penny. Buyers are extremely attracted to this area as a result of its prestigious position, near the historic Presidential Mansion and its exceptionally landscaped green spaces. The National Garden, for example, is an expansive park that’s home to exotic plants and a pleasant children’s library.

Apartments for sale in Anaktora are known to be great purveyors of Athenian aristocratic architecture and boast exquisite renovations; they often come equipped with a lovely terrace or veranda, overlooking your prized arena.

The Athenian way of life

Athens is the perfect combination of old and new. The heart of Ancient Greece, the city is full of the charm of its archaeological sites, landmarks of antiquity, and relics of the past. The atmosphere is mythical, mysterious even, but at the same time, the “cradle of Western Civilization” is committed to keeping up with the modern times and standards. Sightseeing is a byproduct of daily life. Residents have their pick of upscale restaurants, trendy bars, welcoming cafes, interesting galleries and museums, and traditional taverns with delicious Greek cuisine. The result is an exciting living environment offering a unique quality of life.

Out of the many (many) reasons to settle down in Athens, perhaps the most attractive one is the opportunity to live the peaceful Greek way of life, side by side the country’s warm and hospitable citizens. Over 3 million inhabitants in the capital, yet you will find that each is respectful of the other’s space, freedom, and pursuits.

We’re warning you, this good humor is contagious. Could it be something in the air? The ideal year-round weather perhaps? Athens benefits from a mild climate in all four seasons. The city might experience a few drops of rain in the summer and a light spread of snow in the winter, but is saved from any extremes.

To live in Athens is to not only live in the culture and history of the world today.