Lesvos, Mytilini, GREECE

Lesvos, Mytilini

The island of Lesbos, also known as Mytilene, is one of the largest Greek islands in the northeastern Aegean, famous for its rare natural beauty and rich history.

An island where great poets and artists were born and lived, such as the ancient poetess Sappho, the famous painter Theophilos, the prize-winning poet Odysseus Elytis, etc.

A stroll to the city of Mytilene, the capital of the island, is enough to discover beautiful authentic houses and majestic churches. Also, there are a lot of traditional settlements such as Molyvos, Plomari, Skala Kallonis, Antissa, etc. offering buildings of impressive architecture from antiquity to nowadays.

It is also worth visiting unique monuments and attractions, such as the Castle of Mytilene and Molyvos, the wetland of Kalloni, the Petrified Forest in Sigri, many archaeological sites such as the ancient theater of Mytilene, the Sanctuary of Meson, the Acropolis of ancient Eresos, as well as the museums of Theofilos and Eleftheriadis.

Lesvos is also known for its famous beaches, some of them well organized like Eresos, Vatera and Molyvos, while others isolated with pristine scenery and clear blue waters like Eftalou, Agios Isidoros and Agios Hermogenes.

Finally, the visitor will have an opportunity to taste wonderful local recipes and the authentic ouzo of Plomari, to relax in small traditional taverns by the sea and to experience unforgettable moments of the city’s night life.

Mytilene is a destination ideal for relaxing vacations as well as for a comfortable life style of permanent residents, since it offers urban infrastructure and good transport connection with the surrounding islands, Athens and Kavala city.