Greece Real Estate


Buy a luxury villa on the island of Corfu

This Greek island is special. Sure, like the others it’s full of history, myths, unbelievably beautiful sceneries, but its majestic forts, romantic trails, lush vegetation, and sapphire sea leave no room for doubt. Corfu, the Jewel of the Ionian Islands, offers an ideal setting for a vacation home in a haven of peace and beauty. […]


Where to buy a luxury beach house in Greece

Every summer, this ancient land and its divine landscape dominate Facebook feeds all over the world. Greece is known to inspire envy, desire, a deep longing to join friends sunbathing on idyllic beaches, yachting on sapphire-blue water, posing before jagged cliffs, exploring rugged coves and enchanted alleys in town … Good news! You, too, can […]


Luxury real estate in Santorini

As one of the most famous Greek islands, praises of its legendary beauty has been sung around the globe. Its name may be a delight to the ears, but the island of Santorini also sings with a plethora of sweet-sounding investment opportunities, putting its real estate market on center stage. A star island … Its […]


Buy an apartment in Athens

In the country where the Olympic Games originated, the capital city of Athens takes the gold medal as the top destination to buy an apartment in Greece. The real estate market in Athens Investing in real estate in Athens is a very smart decision. Why? Not only do its high-end residential properties benefit from luxurious […]


Where to Invest: The Greek Islands

The secret’s out. Greece is on its way to making a huge economic comeback. This, in no small measure, is due to the success of its captivating islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas, their blazing tourism industry and property markets rife with profitable opportunities. Paradise for Investors We won’t indulge you in a Greek […]


Buy property in the northern suburbs of Athens

Let’s begin with a quick questionnaire: Has it always been a dream of yours to live in Greece? Do you prefer peace and quiet to the clutter of a capital city like Athens? What about the mythical Greek Isles, would you dare put a sea between you and the mainland? Here’s our prescription: Buying a […]


Why buy an apartment in Mykonos

A second home on a Greek island isn’t always synonymous with a villa. Perhaps you don’t want to commit to the maintenance of yet another household. Perhaps, for you, the dream has always been to own a quaint pied-à-terre in a faraway land, a real paradise. Whatever your motive, buying an apartment on the island […]


Buy a residence on the Athenian Riviera

“I live on the Riviera.” These are among the most coveted words anyone can say. All of the world’s most beautiful cities and countries have one – France (the most famous, of course), Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Albania, even Budva – and it’s one of the most prestigious regions to own a home in. In Greece, […]


Buy a house in Athens

For a city of a certain age, you may be surprised by how current Athens really is. More than just its storied past, the Greek capital welcomes those from all over the world to make it their full or part-time home. The myth and the market By now, the truth of Greece’s economic situation is […]


Live the dream in Attica, Greece

Anthologized for young children, analyzed by aged scholars, reimagined by the world of cinema, and frequently discussed over dinner, the myths of Ancient Greece have been heard around the world. But the mythical region of Attica is more than just than just the setting of illustrious tales, it’s a real place where real people want […]

Buy your dream villa in Skopelos

You might think it’s impossible for all the beauty of the Greek islands to exist in one, but it does. One of the most fascinating in the Sporades archipelago, the island of Skopelos offers lush landscapes, vineyards and pine forests, beautiful beaches, sublime panoramas, cultural and historical heritage, and the most luxurious villas, surrounded by […]


Buy an exceptional waterfront villa in paradise: Porto Heli

At first, you were a little suspicious of this little-known town, its fresh rustic atmosphere, and quiet tourists-less streets. You heard the whispers, and still, it wasn’t always so clear that this elusive Mediterranean resort would become your go-to summer vacation destination. But you wouldn’t be the first, nor the last, to fall for the […]