Greece Real Estate


Buy an exceptional waterfront villa in paradise: Porto Heli

At first, you were a little suspicious of this little-known town, its fresh rustic atmosphere, and quiet tourists-less streets. You heard the whispers, and still, it wasn’t always so clear that this elusive Mediterranean resort would become your go-to summer vacation destination. But you wouldn’t be the first, nor the last, to fall for the […]


Buy a luxury house in Attica, the heart of Greece

A sublime quality of life, a Mediterranean climate, iconic history and heritage, both urban and rural landscapes, extraordinary real estate and even better prices … to be honest, there are few reasons not to consider buying a house in Attica, Greece. A peninsula rich in heritage To know what you want, you must know where […]


Buy an aristocratic mansion on the Saronic Island of Hydra

In Greek mythology, Hydra is an aquatic monster with multiple heads and regenerative powers. In astrology, it is the serpentine constellation that lives among the stars. In etymology, “hydra” is derived from the Greek word for water, the essence of life. When it comes to Greek real estate, the court of aristocratic residences on the island of […]


Discovering the Peloponnese region

It can no longer be underrated. An attractive alternative to the mainstay city of Athens and the illustrious getaways of the Greek islands, this peninsula of southern Greece is every bit as mythologically, historically and geographically rich. These days, all eyes are on the treasures, both real estate and cultural, hidden in the magnificent Peloponnese […]


Buy a luxury vacation villa in Mykonos

The summer report is in. The leading trend in the forecast in Greece suggests not to swim against the currents, but to go with the flow and let the wind guide you across the Aegean Sea to the mystical island of Mykonos, where luxury real estate makes way for an equally luxurious way of life. […]


Buy a beautiful house in Evia

1 island, 2 names. To locals and classicists, it’s Euboea (you-BEE-yah). To visitors and hopeful residents, it’s Evia (EH-Vee-Ah). Without fail, no matter your infliction, everyone finds happiness on this big, beautiful piece of land floating in the Aegean Sea, whether you’re touring archaeological sites, relaxing in healing waters, or vacationing in a luxury residence […]


Why buy a luxury property on the island of Spetses

It doesn’t take a professional perfumista to detect the richness that lies off the coast of mainland Peloponnese. Takes a deep breath, hop on a yacht, and follow the scent across the Argo-Saronic Gulf to discover the wonders of the Island of Perfume. It’ll lead you to the Saronic Island of Spetses. On the scent […]


The beauty of buying property in Santorini

It may be one of the most photographed destinations in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s overdone, overrated, or over in any way. Aside from its obvious beauty, the timeless island of Santorini is a treasure trove of hidden gems: Cycladic culture, delicious local gastronomy, dreamy landscapes, and exceptional real estate opportunities. Why buying […]


Buy a luxury villa on the Island of Paros

The 3rd most popular vacation destination of the Greek isles, after its star siblings Santorini and Mykonos; the 2nd largest island of the 220 in the Cyclades archipelago, after Naxos … But here’s why yours 1st stop off the ferry crossing the beautiful turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea should be the vibrant island of […]


Buy an extraordinary villa on the island of Tinos

Contrary to what its name might imply, this beautiful piece of land in the Aegean Sea is not tiny at all, rather it’s known to have it all. The raw beauty of the Cyclades and the rich culture of mythical Greece is infused in its remarkable unspoiled landscape. This extraordinary island is like a gift […]


The luxury of buying a vacation home on Crete

There’s no way around it: Crete is the biggest and arguably the most beautiful island in Greece. Along with more space comes more tranquility, more history, more culture, more myths, more caves, more waves, more fun, and more luxury for your summer stays in the Aegean. Make the island of Crete your second home Acquiring […]


Buy a luxury villa on the island of Corfu

This Greek island is special. Sure, like the others it’s full of history, myths, unbelievably beautiful sceneries, but its majestic forts, romantic trails, lush vegetation, and sapphire sea leave no room for doubt. Corfu, the Jewel of the Ionian Islands, offers an ideal setting for a vacation home in a haven of peace and beauty. […]